Monthly Archives: September 2017

Drakensberg Northern High Traverse in a day

The Northern High Traverse is probably the most widely known route in the Drakensberg Mountains. For that matter, it is probably the only multi-day hiking route in South Africa to appear on various lists of the best hikes in the world, with Walkopedia rating it the 7th best globally. I am not a fan of […]

Gear review: Hi-Tec Tunis Shorts

Hi-Tec recently sent me a pair of their new Tunis shorts to test. Before this review continues – it is important to note that these are running shorts, not hiking shorts. The distinction might be subtle, but the difference is huge. My testing of these shorts included a fair amount of hiking and some running, […]

Gear review: Hi-Tec Hickow Shirt

Hi-Tec recently sent me their new Hickow T-Shirt to test. When I first started hiking, I didn’t see the value in quick-drying shirts. I assumed it was the least important item to carry. It didn’t take long to learn why quick-drying shirts made more of a difference to warmth than almost any other item of […]