Photos from my recent visit of Injisuthi (Central Drakensberg) Part 1

Every time I do a hike I post a long story on Vertical Endeavour – it comes with photos and lots of additional information. Feel free to check the full report at

But now for something a bit different – just some photos 🙂


This rock formation is not far into the hike – on the main river in a beautiful boulder bed. Maybe worth a visit with a crash pad and some climbing shoes!



Looking back down the valley – this spot is really worth a visit. This is about 2km from the road.


Looking up the valley. Notice how huge those boulders are – a good 50m high!


We dubbed this unnamed emergency shelter (that we fortunately didn’t have to use) as Beach Cave.


The side valley we took on the way to Centenary Hut.


View down the valley as we got higher.


Part 2 to follow soon 🙂

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