On 7 September, Marco and I did the Hlathimba Passes at Lotheni as a day hike. Awesome route!


Cathkin is one of the best known peaks of the Drakensberg. It has a notorious reputation – so how will Ghaz cope with this one?

The Giants Cup Trail has been a route I have used for training purposes for a number of years now. You can cover a lot of distance in good time, and if something goes wrong, most of it is covered by phone signal and there are numerous bailing options. After the MCSA Mountain Challenge for […]

Giants Castle is one of the most recognisable peaks in the Drakensberg. It can be seen from as far away as Harrismith, Ladysmith, Escourt, Hilton and Underberg. It is a peak I have summitted many times, and is one of my favourites. For many years I have looked at the eastern ridges of the peak […]

The Pyramid is a large, well, pyramid shaped peak at Didima Nature Reserve in the Northern KZN Drakensberg. I first saw it in person on a hike in 2010. For many years I admired it knowing I would never stand on its summit, I would never take up rock climbing for a number of reasons, […]

Some background The Drakensberg Grand Traverse (or DGT for short) is nothing new. I don’t know who recorded the first variation of the route, but I believe it was at least 40 years ago. There have been many different variations in direction and line, but the concept is roughly that of following the border between […]

Back in 2016 I had a rather odd idea – to do two Drakensberg Grand Traverses back to back. On a cloudy Thursday in January 2017 this goal was completed. It had been the hardest hike I had ever done, and I decided to take 6 weeks off hiking to let everything recover from the […]