The Pyramid is a large, well, pyramid shaped peak at Didima Nature Reserve in the Northern KZN Drakensberg. I first saw it in person on a hike in 2010. For many years I admired it knowing I would never stand on its summit, I would never take up rock climbing for a number of reasons, […]

Some background The Drakensberg Grand Traverse (or DGT for short) is nothing new. I don’t know who recorded the first variation of the route, but I believe it was at least 40 years ago. There have been many different variations in direction and line, but the concept is roughly that of following the border between […]

Back in 2016 I had a rather odd idea – to do two Drakensberg Grand Traverses back to back. On a cloudy Thursday in January 2017 this goal was completed. It had been the hardest hike I had ever done, and I decided to take 6 weeks off hiking to let everything recover from the […]

On 5 January 2017 I completed one of my strangest, yet most difficult, mountain objectives: I completed a double Drakensberg Grand Traverse over 16 days. It was the hardest hike I have ever done and overall one of the most difficult challenges I have ever undertaken. While I have had big projects in mind since […]

So on a Friday afternoon a team of four of us found ourselves at Injisuthi. The road on the drive in had been in a very bad state, but we had all arrived safely. We set off down the road in light drizzle. The river was flooded, and my choice of Boundary Ridge over the […]

Sometimes a hike report title is fairly obvious – and then something happens that causes you to abandon the easiest pun and provide a proper report name! In this instance, this report title was going to be allocated to a hike up Redi Pass in 2016, but the hike ended up going comically wrong and […]

After a good night sleep back at the Burgers’ house in Singapore, Matthew and I spent the morning chilling before I went off to the airport. Changi Airport was its usual amazing self – I was through all the controls very quickly, and decided to have a look at the shops while waiting for my […]